About Us

Kasura was started in the year 2003 in Bangalore, India for providing technical vendor services to semiconductor design houses in the domain of hardware modeling and prototyping using SystemC. Over the years, Kasura has also diversified into the verification domain by being an early adopter of the SystemVerilog standard. Kasura has ventured into the semiconductor industry with the aim of helping its customers to deliver world class solutions in a short project span without comprising on its quality process.

Kasura has been, since inception, an advocate of the SystemC language and methodologies based on SystemC. Driven by the technical experience of its management, it has laid firm belief in the capabilities of SystemC as the language best suited for Virtual prototyping. The technical team at Kasura is efficient in proposing need-based solutions using SystemC to complex designs.

Kasura provides cost-effective and reliable partnership for its clients in the ESL community with skilled engineering and smart innovations. Kasura is committed to bridge the productivity gap for its customers between increased design complexity and shorter schedules, increased functionality and tighter budgets, design reuse and shortage of engineering talent.

Kasura also provides training courses to client development teams in SystemC and SystemVerilog. The intention of these training courses is for ESL developers to get quick hands on experience of these languages keeping in mind practicality and ease of understanding for the engineer.


To be there “Here and Now” for the chip design houses right from the conceptualization stage by assisting and guiding them in rolling out a faster, cheaper and better product each time, every time.


To pre-empt technological innovation at clients and be the preferred vendor in the services we provide, due to quality of work, technological advantage, cost effectiveness and being trustworthy.