Engineering teams that are eager to adopt SystemC for hardware modelling and SystemVerilog for verification find a distinct lack of training providers for these relatively new languages. Many a time the training provided by third party trainers fail to fulfil the expectations of developers who are left dissatisfied with such programs.

Kasura offers special training courses in SystemC and SystemVerilog targeted at the requirements of users.The contents of the training course are prepared keeping in mind the most useful and attractive features of the languages.

Kasura’s SystemC training course has been appreciated in the industry for its simplicity, clarity and practical nature. Based on the comfort level of participants with SystemC, either the two day SystemC Basic Training course(for beginners in SystemC) or the three day SystemC Advanced Training course(for intermediate and experienced users of SystemC) can be opted for.

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Kasura also provides training courses in SystemVerilog. The SystemVerilog training course is intended to educate designers proficient in Verilog HDL about the language enhancements and new features that SystemVerilog offers. Of particular interest would be thecomplete verification environment, employing Directed and Constraint Random Generation, Assertion Based Verification and Coverage Driven Verification. Also the much discussed feature of Direct Programming Interface (DPI) is also discussed at length as part of training program.

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Kasura offers these training programs either at the customer location or at Kasura’s premises in Whitefield, Bangalore. The training modules are handled by professionals who have more than five years of experience in SystemC and SystemVerilog based training programs. Attractively packaged training documentation shall be provided to every participant in the training course which can also serve as quick reference material beyond the duration of the training exercise. Though a minimum of ten candidates are required normally for conducting a training program, enquiries may be made for lesser number. Requests for customized training with emphasis on certain topics of interest are also accepted.

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SystemC Training Program

Kasura has the distinction of training more than 300 professionals of the semiconductor industry through its SystemC training programs. Kasura’s SystemC training course has been prepared with the needs of the target audience in mind. While engineers who are novices in C/C++ and SystemC can start out with the two day SystemC Basic Training course, those who are familiar with and have used SystemC or have worked in C++ based modeling can opt for the three day SystemC Advanced Training course.

SystemVerilog Training Program

Kasura offers a comprehensive three day training workshop on SystemVerilog. It is aimed at people ready to migrate from Verilog and willing to make their design more reusable and productive. Knowledge of Verilog is a prerequisite for this training. The focus of this training will be more towards verification although SystemVerilog design constructs are given due credit.